1. Accidental

  2. PFLP patrol in Jordan. 1969

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  3. The Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem - Palestine, December 1917 

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  4. The highway of death. Kuwait. 1991.

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  5. "Dances of Talysh people in Iran", ca.1933

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  6. "Ramallah peasant spinning wool.", between 1898 and 1919

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  7. Parkour in Gaza.

  8. Beirut, Lebanon. 1982. Palestinians repairing guns.

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  9. Beirut, Lebanon. Volunteers from Bangladesh fighting with Palestinians against the Israelis. 1982.

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  10. Kuwait. 1964.

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  11. Kuwait - 1970s

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  13. One of 400 Expelled Palestinians with his daughter after His Return Home, Deir El-Balah Camp, Gaza, Palestine, 1995. 

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  14. Huey. 

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  15. "broken english"

    when my mother struggles to spell a word in english
    I want to break the entire language
    into little pieces
    so the edges of these letters
    will stop cutting her

    — aysha via Diaspora Defiance
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